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Why Pyro?

Fireworks! The shared thrill of light and sound. The concussion of controlled detonations, followed by the surprise of bright colors against a night sky. For more than a thousand years, people have been mesmerized by fireworks displays. It's a passion that transcends generations and delights young and old alike.

If you're a fireworks lover, PGI is here for you. We welcome fireworks enthusiasts and hobbyists of all kinds. Our members include skilled display designers and operators, as well as hobbyists who make and shoot their own fireworks and design their own displays. We also welcome fireworks fans who travel from state to state to enjoy displays, plus photographers and artists who specialize in capturing the magic of pyrotechnics.

The key to it all is safety and legality. Fireworks are regulated by federal, state, and local laws, and you must know and follow the rules to buy, transport, store, and use them and the components used to make them. Displays of fireworks also have unique permitting requirements, safety parameters, and insurance requirements that must be observed.

More importantly, everyone needs to be able to enjoy fireworks in an atmosphere of safety. What's the use of having a passion for pyrotechnics if you can't share it year after year and generation after generation? PGI emphasizes safety in every aspect of fireworks-whether you're a display operator, a crew member, a hobbyist manufacturer, an occasional fireworks shooter, or a delighted spectator. Our activities and training materials follow the strict safety standards of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), which are the basis for most regulations and insurance requirements.

Families Welcome

We also welcome and encourage family participation--because passion for pyrotechnics often starts early, and safety awareness should, too. In addition to our regular memberships, PGI offers Junior memberships for kids aged 6 to 17. Junior members who attend the annual convention can participate in the Junior Pyrotechnics Association (JPA) to gain hands-on experience designing and operating displays, working alongside parents or guardians and experienced sponsors.

Come join the Pyrotechnics Guild International. The world of pyro is waiting for you!