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Annual Convention

This year's 2024 convention is in Brainerd, Minnesota!

August 3rd - 9th

Every summer, members of the Pyrotechnic Guild International assemble for the PGI annual convention. It's a full week of entertainment and education, with nightly fireworks shooting and beautiful displays. Hundreds of people gather from all across the country to spend time with other pyrotechnic enthusiasts, learn from expert professionals and hobbyists, purchase supplies, and share their creativity.

Family Friendly

The PGI convention is a family-friendly event. Families can enjoy shooting consumer fireworks together, watching displays, and participating in seminars. The convention also has special youth-oriented activities through the Junior Pyrotechnics Association (JPA)—a “club within a club” made up of youth aged 6 to 17 who are either related to a PGI member or hold a PGI Junior membership. Under adult supervision, the JPA plans, organizes, and presents its own fireworks display using consumer fireworks for the enjoyment of all convention attendees.

PGI instructor demonstrating pyrotechnics display


Learn the art of fireworks from members who have advanced skills and are recognized for their capabilities. The convention includes a full slate of lectures, seminars, and classes—on everything from basic fireworks safety to designing musically choreographed displays that will move your audience to tears. There are even “hands-on” classes where you can make a fireworks device and opportunities to participate in setting up fireworks displays.

The PGI's nationally recognized Display Operator's Course is presented every year at the convention. Safety and safe practices are the backbone of the PGI.

Manufacturing Opportunities

Facilities are provided for members to conduct certain types of fireworks manufacturing activities under safe and controlled guidelines. Seminars, workshops, and member experts show you how.

PGI members shopping for fireworks

Consumer Fireworks Vending

Open shooting of consumer and display fireworks takes place nightly. There are wholesale vendors on the convention site providing the opportunity to purchase consumer fireworks and walk to an open shooting area with everything you need to safely shoot your purchases. Friendly safety personnel are on hand to help if you have any questions or need help using the fireworks.

World Class Fireworks Displays

During the week there are multiple fireworks displays—both traditional and pyro-musicals—as well as fireworks product demonstrations. The final night includes the PGI "All Stars" display featuring the work of the Guild's most talented fireworks makers.

PGI members with pyrotechnics club trophy

Fireworks Competition

There are fireworks competitions throughout the week judging members' pyro manufacturing skills. Members can compete in many display categories including aerial shells, rockets, comets, ground displays, proximate shows, class C extravaganzas, and many more!

Trade Show and Supplies Vending

Space is allocated for the sale of fireworks-related clothing, tools, books, and memorabilia. There is also a vending area where fireworks-related supplies are available for purchase.

Collectors Corner

The convention area includes dedicated space for collectors to display and sell historic fireworks memorabilia.

Art Show

PGI also hosts an art show where Guild members exhibit their fireworks-related creations. These include paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures, and more! A popular feature is the fireworks quilts competition. Members have plenty of opportunities to appreciate the artistic talents of their peers and also vote for winners in the various art categories.


Each year, PGI holds is a convention auction where many fascinating pyro-related items are available to the highest bidder. Items include fireworks-related books and literature, pyro tools, firing systems, pyro collectibles and historical items, consumer fireworks, and many other items.

Luncheon (banquet)

PGI's Annual Awards Luncheon is held at noon on Friday of the convention. It is a fun occasion, with a luncheon and presentation of awards—including the coveted Grand Master Award.