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Safe fireworks practices are the backbone of PGI. We are proud of our history of maintaining and teaching safety standards and practices to thousands of people over the past five decades.

Many of PGI’s members are leaders in improving safety within the pyrotechnic industry, and we are pleased to share their insights with other members in articles, webinars and seminars, and The PGI Bulletin.


PGI’s Display Operator Certification Program, including our Display Operator Course, is one of only two nationally available programs in the United States that has been recognized by the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) as meeting its codes for safety in fireworks displays.

Our Display Operator Course and Certification Program follow the NFPA codes that set the requirements for fireworks operation for most states and virtually every fireworks insurer. PGI maintains close contact with the NFPA and revises the Display Operator Course regularly to maintain compliance with NFPA Codes 1123 and 1124.

The PGI’s Display Operator Course and Display Operator Certification Program are available to non-members as well as members, although we invite and encourage everyone to join PGI and enjoy all the benefits of our community!


PGI maintains documented safety rules and guidelines for all activities at our annual conventions, including the shooting of consumer and professional fireworks, manufacturing activities, and storage of live material.

We staff well-qualified Safety, Fire-Medical, and Security teams throughout the convention to provide for the safety of our members and the public. Members of the teams include professional display operators, movie and stage special effect technicians, medical doctors, and members of law enforcement.

Click here to read the Fireworks Safety Guidelines of the Pyrotechnics Guild International, which are in effect at all PGI conventions.