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The Junior Pyrotechnic Association

Safe enjoyment of fireworks can start earlier than you think!

The Junior Pyrotechnics Association (JPA) is made up of youth aged 6 to 17. JPA members are dedicated pyrotechnic enthusiasts who want to learn how to handle and use fireworks safely and legally.

Working under the close supervision of experienced hobbyists and fireworks professionals, JPA members learn how to plan, set up, and safely shoot public fireworks displays. They gain hands-on experience, working side by side with a parent, guardian, or responsible adult.

Traditionally, one night of the PGI annual convention features a fabulous display planned and carried out exclusively by the JPA. Afterward, JPA members celebrate their success and start planning for the next year.


The JPA is open to anyone between the ages of 6 and 17 who attends the PGI annual convention.

JPA group participants do not need to hold an individual Junior membership in the PGI but can attend with a parent or guardian who is a PGI member. An individual Junior membership is required for anyone under the age of 18 who wants to compete as an individual in PGI competition events.

All JPA participants are required to have a parent or guardian attend any session where fireworks are being handled.