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Resources and Other Pyrotechnic Organizations

All PGI members receive the richly informative PGI Bulletin, published 5 times a year. The PGI Bulletin is a gateway to the world of pyrotechnic hobbyists, with articles about the science and engineering of fireworks, technical and safety information, and up-to-date information about PGI member activities.

PGI members also have exclusive online access to a wealth of information and knowledge about fireworks— including pyrotechnic terminology, safety guidelines, and information about fireworks display companies, retail and wholesale fireworks providers, and fireworks tool and supply providers.

To learn more about the world of pyrotechnics and discover other fireworks enthusiasts in your region or area, explore some of the many pyrotechnic associations across the U.S.

National Industry Associations

Association Name Association Description
American Pyrotechnics Association (APA) Premier trade association of the fireworks industry, founded in 1948 with three principle aims: encourage safety in the design and use of all types of fireworks; provide industry information and support to our members; and promote responsible regulation of the fireworks industry.
National Fireworks Association (NFA) National organization that works diligently to ensure that the fireworks industry is regulated in a fair and sensible manner. Members include companies as well as individuals. Promotes the safe use of fireworks in all sectors of the industry.

Regional and Local

The following regional and local groups have provided information to PGI. If you are part of a club or association that does not appear here, contact us and we will follow up with you.

Club Name Club Description
Bluegrass Pyrotechnic Guild Inc. Founded in the mid-1990s, with members from KY, TN, VA, OH, IN, IL, and other states. Membership includes professional and amateur pyro enthusiasts who meet 8-10 times a year; welcomes anyone interested in the art of fireworks
Carolina Pyros, Inc. Nonprofit social club whose mission is to share the passion for fireworks with others; provides priceless opportunities to work with and learn from some of the best pyro professionals on the East Coast. The pyro brotherhood is real!
Crackerjacks, Inc. Fireworks enthusiasts club established in 1976. Based in Virginia with members from the East Coast and nationwide. Members run from world class pyrotechnic professionals to avid spectators. Sponsors 3 shoots each year along with competitions, seminars, and other events.
Florida Pyrotechnic Arts Guild (FPAG) Fireworks enthusiasts and professionals who practice and promote safety in fireworks, as well as safely building and displaying fireworks; meet monthly around Florida to share information, techniques, and best practices. Sponsors Spring (2F) and Fall (4F) festivals.
Heartland Pyrotechnic Arts Association (HPA) Nonprofit started in 1988 by fireworks lovers to encourage share knowledge about the safe and legal use of fireworks. Members include fireworks enthusiasts, professionals, and spectators. Operates mainly in northern IN, with shoots in southwest MI and the mid-northern IL.
Iowa Pyrotechnic Association (IPA) Nonprofit dedicated to safe, legal, and artistic pyrotechnic operation in Iowa and surrounding states. Provides training, demonstration, and exchange of information through bimonthly meetings, member newsletter, and club shoots, including the annual, community co-sponsored "Boomtown - TNT on 218" in Vinton, Iowa.
Kansas City Area Pyrotechnicians (KCAP) Welcomes members to pool resources, share knowledge and experience, and shoot fireworks legally on more than just the 4th of July. 4-5 club events throughout the year.
Michigan Fireworks Club (MFC) Fireworks enthusiasts club whose mission is to teach people to use fireworks in a safe manner and learn how to create fire art. Based in Belleville, MI, serving the Detroit Metro area.
Michigan Pyrotechnic Arts Guild (MPAG) Incorporated in 1999 to allow Michigan fireworks enthusiasts to share their love of energetic artistry. Members include shell builders, professional shooters, package art collectors, pyro-choreographers and people who like watching fireworks. Quarterly newsletter and multiple shoots throughout the year
Mid-Atlantic Pyrotechnic Arts Guild (MAPAG) MAPAG is a fireworks club for hobby fireworks builders and rocket enthusiasts in the Mid-Atlantic region. Our club is modeled after other builders clubs such as Florida Pyrotechnics Arts Guild (FPAG), the Wisconsin Pyrotechnics Arts Guild (WPAG), and the Michigan Pyrotechnic Arts Guild (MPAG).
Midlands Pyrotechnic Association (MPA) Geographically diverse club roughly centered in Eastern Nebraska. Hosts weekend shoots throughout the year at locations in Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa, during which members can manufacture and shoot fireworks in a safe and legal setting.
Missouri Pyrotechnics Association (MO Pyro) Local fireworks enthusiasts club for Missouri and Illinois promoting the safe, sane, and legal use of fireworks. Members range from interested novices to owner-operators and past PGI Grand Masters.
Mum Pyrotechnics Group Small group of pyrotechnicians located near Sawyer, ND. Fireworks and Pyrotechnics are a passion for our entire team.
New Hampshire Pyrotechnics Association (NHPA) New England-based club dedicated to training in the safe, artful, and lawful use of pyrotechnics. Members from NH, MA, ME, VT, CT, RI, NY, NJ, PA, MD, and VA.
Northeast Ohio Pyrotechnics Group (NEOPG) Promotes and encourages the safe, legal, and artful pyrotechnic operation throughout the Northeast Ohio and Pennsylvania areas through training, demonstration, and exchange of information.
Northern Lighters Pyrotechnics, Inc. (NLP) Minnesota-based nonprofit that promotes safety, skill, and artistry in pyrotechnics through education, research, and opportunities to enjoy firework displays. One of the oldest all-volunteer fireworks clubs in the United States, incorporated in 1977.
Northern Lights Pyrotechnic Club (NLPC) Tight-knit New England-based club spanning the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic and promoting safe and legal pyrotechnic arts. Formed in 2007 and growing steadily.
Northwest Pyrotechnics Association (NPA) Formed in 2010 as a successor to the Northwest Pyrotechnic Arts Association (NWPAA). An active community sharing knowledge through classes and hands-on activities.
Oklahoma Pyrotechnics Club (OPC) We are an Oklahoma based Pyrotechnics club focused on safety and comradery with fellow pyros.
Pennsylvania Pyrotechnic Artists Nonprofit providing members a way to use and enjoy fireworks legally and safely, share their experience, and further their pyrotechnic knowledge. Small, personable group, with members in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. Welcomes anyone interested in promoting and practicing responsible use and enjoyment of pyrotechnic arts.
Pyrotechnic Artists of Texas (PAT) Formed in 1997 to promote the safe use and enjoyment of pyrotechnics. Offers training and state-approved programs in the use of 1.3G fireworks as well as family involvement with 1.4G material. Members with Texas manufacturer's licenses offer classes in shell and rocket construction. Meets three times a year. Gatherings include seminars in fireworks assembly, display set-up, and safety techniques, safety demos, and additional activities. Provides families an opportunity to enjoy fireworks with their children.
Rocky Mountain Pyrotechnics Guild (RMPG) Growing nonprofit formed in 1999 to encourage safe, artistic, and legal use of fireworks through education. Hosts 9 or more shoots per year, plus meetings and PGI Display Operator Certification courses. Members are fireworks enthusiasts, professionals and creative individuals from Colorado, New Mexico, and other western states.
Western New York Pyrotechnic Association Nonprofit incorporated in 1995 composed of shooters from various distributors, manufacturers, importers, and display companies, and people who just love fireworks. Objectives are to teach, learn and have fun safely. Meets on the second Thursday of the month, usually in Orchard Park, NY. Strives for 3–4 family-style fireworks picnics each year.
Western Pyrotechnic Association (WPA) Large nonprofit for fireworks professionals and hobbyists. Formed to promote the enjoyment and safe and legal use of fireworks. Holds two gatherings a year: Western Winter Blast in Lake Havasu City, AZ, in February and Do-It in Hawthorne, NV, in September.
Wisconsin Pyrotechnic Arts Guild (WPAG) Holds at least four meetings a year at a permanent shoot location in 20 miles east of Wausau, WI. Usually offers hands-on seminars and manufacturing on Friday and Saturday, with a business meeting on Saturday afternoon followed by a pot-luck meal, concluding with open 1.4G and 1.3G shooting after dark. Offers the PGI Display Operator Certification course each April.