PGI is led by an elected Board of Directors whose officers are active members of the organization. PGI’s board members are committed to PGI’s mission and are responsible for establishing and maintaining PGI’s vision.

PGI Officers

Paul Smith, President

John Steinberg, First Vice President

Carol Hostetter, Second Vice President

Craig Foster, Vice President of Communications

Eddie Hostetter, Secretary-Treasurer

Message From the President

We are pleased to announce that our Convention is officially confirmed in Oshkosh, WI at the Sunnyview Expo Center from August 12th – 18th. Convention registration and camping reservation details will be available in early May, 2023. Other PGI information to follow in May as well.

Our official 2023 Convention name is, “Wisconsin or Bust”

Convention details:

  • May 1: Target date to release key aspects of this convention. The following are already on the PGI Members Convention webpage ( with additional information coming soon.
  • The Medical Cart Application (
    Cart Sponsorship link (
    Member Golfcart Rental Site (
  • Convention registration: Our PGI Members webpage is being updated to accept member registration online. We will also post a 2023 PGI Convention Registration form on the PGI Members webpage for those that want to print and mail-in their registration (expected release May 1, 2023).
  • Camping registration: Members will be able to go online and take care of this.  We will send out advance notice of when this will be available, so be watching for more camping registration information the later part of April (expected release May 1, 2023).

While our contract with Oshkosh and Sunnyview took a while to finalize, we do have agreement on a 1:00 a.m. curfew every night of convention. As in year's past, we will not be doing any salutes after Midnight but continue until 1:00 a.m. with low noise and color pyrotechnics. 

We all owe a HUGE THANKS to our 2nd Vice President, Craig Hetherington (Tippy), and our 1st VP on negotiating this contract to completion. Thank you Carol, Tippy, and John.

New site differences:

  • We do not have permission to go on any properties that backup to or adjoin with the Sunnyview property. Even to retrieve live material – this is an absolute NO GO! As we get closer to convention, we will give out information on how we will deal with items that may go off property. Almost all the farm property surrounding Sunnyview will be planted in beans, so it will not be productive going into the fields to find items.
  • Another unique difference to this site is we do not have access to everything on site. For example, we are not doing anything that requires people to sit in the grandstands so we will not pay for grandstand access. Our upcoming site map will delineate what buildings and areas we can access and will be using.
  • The PGI seating area will be like we did in LaPorte, out on the grass (so bring your own chair). We do not have access to portable bleachers for this site.
  • Because of this being our first time here we are working on increasing our signage and information onsite to direct members to our various key convention activities.

We had a great Spring Planning Meeting this weekend (3/31-4/1) and send a big thank you to all our key volunteers who worked hard. Their help is vital in organizing each convention site.

Stay alert for more details coming out about this convention, especially around May 1st.

Wisconsin or Bust,