DOC Course - Certified Trainers

The PGI Certified Trainer Program was instituted to ensure that the PGI Display Operator Certification (DOC) Course is taught by qualified and trained individuals.

It is important that a student attending the course receives similar instruction regardless of where the course is taught; therefore, it is necessary that potential teachers are first students and fully learn our methods, terminology and reasoning.

PGI Certified Trainers may be the first and only exposure to the PGI that a student receives. In their eyes, our trainers are the Guild. They must be prepared to represent the PGI in a safe, knowledgeable and professional manner.

All PGI DOC courses must have at least one PGI Certified Trainer present in order for the course to be sanctioned by the PGI.

How to Become a Certified Trainer:

  1. Become a PGI Certified Display Operator
    Check the list of upcoming courses or learn more about the course.
  2. Contact a Certified Trainer
    Request permission from that trainer to assist in teaching a Display Operator's Course.
  3. Notify the PGI Training Directors of intent to become a trainer.
    Send an email to stating your intent to become a trainer.
    The email should include:
    • Name and contact information
    • Dates and location(s) of the classes you intend to assist with and teach
    • Name and contact information for the Certified Trainer who will be overseeing you
    • Attach your fireworks related resume which must include (at minimum):
      • Documentation that you have worked on at least ten 1.3G displays
      • Documentation that you have been the Lead Shooter on at least three 1.3G displays
  4. Assist a Certified Trainer in teaching an approved PGI Display Operator Course.
  5. Teach the Course as primary instructor and organizer, under supervision/observation by a Certified Trainer
    You must organize the course, serve as lead instructor, and conduct the live-fire portion of the class while being observed by a Certified Trainer.
  6. Have an evaluation of your performance e-mailed to .
    The Certified Trainer who oversaw the class needs to write and send an evaluation to the Training Directors at the email address provided above. A list of items that need to be addressed by the evaluating trainer can be obtained by emailing . The evaluating trainer also must include an explicit statement of approval (or disapproval) as to whether or not you should be certified as a trainer.

In rare and unique cases, some requirements can be waived by the PGI Training Directors.

Once these steps have been completed, the Training Directors will evaluate the information submitted to them and examine the references provided. You will then be notified of the decision made by the Training Directors as to whether or not you have been approved as a Certified Trainer. If approved, you will receive a Trainer's certificate and card.

Trainers must maintain their status as Certified Display Operators by renewing their shooter's certification every three years.

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