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If you wish to offer a PGI Certification Class, you should perform the following administrative tasks:

Before the course:

At least two months in advance, send an email to with a request to teach the course. You need to include:

Name of your PGI Certified Trainer
Date and location of course
Number of students you are expecting

They will send you information on where to send your payment.

Payment for manuals and course fees at $40 per expected student.

Books, exams, and answer keys will be shipped to you from the PGI publisher after the course administrator notifies him of payment.

Acquire the materials and equipment on the official list for teaching a PGI course and arrange for proper storage and delivery to site.

Download the PGI Course Excel Spreadsheet.

Fill in the spreadsheet with your students contact information.

On the day of the course:

Coordinate the setup of the demonstration and student firing area.

Setup Classroom Area including audio visual to play the 1995 APA Celebrate Safely video and the 2001 APA Barge Display video.

Prepare the demonstration shells.

Administer the registration: keep track of attendance, provide texts, and collect fees.

Either conduct or oversee the lectures (3 - 4 hours)

Supervise the administration and scoring of the exam.

After the course:

After the course, email the spreadsheet to .

If you have any questions, email the training coordinators at

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