Display Operator Course Materials

The following items are needed to teach the PGI Display Operator Course:


Monitor (large screen)
Matching VCR and Sound System for video
Two APA Celebrate Safely Videos
Microphone and P.A. system
Black Board, White Board, or Large Flip Pad
Two Pencils per Student

Classroom Demonstrations:

Penny Wrappers
3" Ten-mortar Rack
4" Six-mortar Rack
Three 3" Loose Mortars
4" Loose Mortar
Chain of Ten 3" Shells
Assorted Demo Shells
Assorted Electric Matches
One Bundle of Piped Match

Shoot Site:

3" Mortar Racks (one for every 12 students)
Ready Boxes (one for every 12 students 25 feet away and upwind)
Safety Glasses for students
Hearing Protection for students
30 Twenty Minute Fusees
Roll of Visco Fuse
Two 3" Color Shells per Student (for hands-on firing)
Two Buried Single 3" mortars, HDPE (demo shells)
One Buried 4" mortar, HDPE (demo shells)
One 3" Mortar Rack, HDPE (demo shells)
One sheet of 1/4 inch thick plywood, about 2 x 2 feet
Six 3" Salutes (demo)
Twelve 3" Color Shells (demo)
Two 4" Color Shells (demo)
Display Cake
Two Pairs of Scissors
Roll of 1" Masking Tape
Roll of 2" Masking Tape
Exacto Knife
Bottled Water (for crew)
Simple Water Fire Extinguisher or Buckets of Water
Nails and Tools for Rack Construction
Two Raw Chickens (optional)

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