Request a Business Link

Here's how to request a link to your company's or business' website.


The company's or business' website:

  1. has a link to the PGI's website on its home page.
  2. has and is hosted using its own domain name.
  3. makes no claim of endorsement by the PGI.
  4. is relevant to the PGI's stated purposes.
  5. is acceptable to the PGI's website management.

Use of PGI Logo

Contact the for the requirements for using the PGI's Logo on your website.

What to do:

  1. Place a link on your sites home page.
    Ex: (<a href="">PGI</a> or <a href="">Pyrotechnics Guild International</a>)
  2. Send an email to which includes:
    1. the websites URL,
    2. the company's name,
    3. and a description of the company (400 characters max.).
    4. link category (clubs & orgs, display operator, distributor/manufacturer, tools & supplies, publications)
  3. Your request will be reviewed and you'll be notified of our decision.

Note: We periodically review links for accuracy and to verify they still meet requirements.

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