2018 Convention - Gerry Gits Challenge
Mardi Gras

The word combination Marti Gras is French. In English, it means 'Fat Tuesday'. Although today's Mardi Gras carnival is usually a week-long event, the name actually reflects the practice of the Tuesday night finale. That night ends with a feast of gorging on rich, fatty, tasty food, resulting in gluttonous bliss.

Thus, the idea behind the 2018 Gerry Gits Challenge is to pyrotechnically duplicate a Mardi Gras finale. The artistic collection of pyrotechnic devices must produce a carnival atmosphere using both visual and audible devices that collectively, and in a seamless fashion, generate an emotion of celebration, excitement, and unusual surprise.

The PGI competition team lost a very special member on Christmas Eve, 2007 with the passing of Chief Judge Gerry Gits. To honor Gerry's manifold contributions to the PGI competitions over the years as competitor, judge, and most recently chief judge, the judges have decided to rename the Judges Challenge competition as the Gerry Gits Challenge, and the prize to be the Gerry Gits Memorial Trophy.

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