2018 Convention - Cart Sponsorship

We are again seeking sponsors for the golf carts used by the PGI Board, the various Chairs, and volunteers who require carts to perform their work at Convention. This program gives those members who can afford to the opportunity to pay their full share of the Convention operating costs, while getting some recognition for doing so.

Sponsorship Guidelines

  1. Sponsorship will be by Convention position, not individual.
  2. Full sponsorship is $250. Full sponsors will be recognized by on cart signage denoting the sponsor's name and logo, if provided. (e.g."PGI President / Sponsored by Spon Sorship").
  3. Partial sponsorships are also being accepted. Partial sponsors will be recognized in the Bulletin.
  4. Sponsors may remain anonymous.
  5. Sponsors may also supply a cart or similar vehicle in lieu of donating funds. This will be treated as a full sponsorship. Sponsor must allow required signage to be placed on cart.

The first 10 sponsors in the amount of $100.00 or more may be eligible to rent a cart for their own use at Convention. The sponsor, must be at least 18, have a valid driver's license and a current insurance policy and request the use of a cart to qualify. The sponsor will not be recognized on their private cart but, a badge or other identification will be provided to show they are authorized to use the cart.

Please see the PGI's Medical Cart Policy for information about applying for a cart for medical use.

For more information or to sponsor a cart, please e-mail or call 607-342-5886.

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