2017 Convention - Membership Preview

Members would like to be able to bring a visitor to Convention for a day. These visitors might be co-workers, family members, or a local resident known by a member. It would cost ~ $300 (membership, convention registration, late fees) to join us for the day. In 2015, the Board approved a an alternative that provides a unique benefit to PGI members.

A limited number of Preview Memberships will be available. The Preview Membership Program will continue to allow PGI to accommodate member requests for a visitors and will eliminate the pinch point our registration volunteers feel when they receive those I have a dear friend special requests. This policy also addresses VIP requests from industry dignitaries.

Program Description

Single day, adult Preview Membership to Convention, valid on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday and not available on Saturday, Sunday, or Friday. The program will not offer Preview Memberships for minors. Previews are not avialalble to prior members.

The cost of a Preview Membership is $75, the program will allow one Preview Member per PGI member, per day (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday) of Convention. Although a PGI member may host multiple Preview Members during the week, no Preview Member may attend more than one day unless they become a member and register for Convention. If a Preview Member decides to join and attend the balance of the convention, the $75 Preview Membership fee will be applied to Convention fees (See FAQ below).

The PGI member sponsor will accompany their visitor to Registration on the day of the visit. The visitor will be responsible for completing a Preview Membership application and signing all necessary waivers, and will receive a special badge. The PGI sponsor member will be responsible for accompanying the Preview Member at all times while on site. The Preview Member will be permitted to sit with the member (in the member section) during the display and/or competition on the day the Preview Membership is issued. The Preview Member may attend the After-Glow but will be required to leave the PGI site by the time the PGI fireworks permit expires for the evening (no overnight on-site camping).

The Preview Member will not be able to take any Class C product from the PGI Convention site (unless allowed by state/county law). The Preview Member will not be permitted to enter restricted areas such as display company set-up, infield, or Large Shell/All Stars Manufacturing (and/or other areas determined to be restricted access).

Preview Membership is valid for a single day only, and badges will be color coded for each day to readily detect abuse and/or circumvention of the program policy. Both the Preview Member and PGI member will be subject to removal from the PGI Convention for circumvention of the Preview Membership policy.

Each Preview Member will receive a personalized letter within 30 days following the convention to thank them for visiting and offer a special discount if they become a member (for the following calendar year) before the end of December. The special discount will be a one-time offer to join PGI at the membership renewal rate rather than the new member rate. Included in the envelope with the letter will be a membership form, pre-populated with the individual's name and pertinent data (based on visitor application data). The visitor will also receive a follow-up email and/or postcard in November, as a reminder of the special offer expiration.

Ultimately, we have the opportunity to increase membership through the Preview Program. The visitor, who likely has some interest in fireworks through the relationship with the member sponsor, will be given the opportunity to see the benefits of membership and the fun and excitement of a week-long Convention.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why only a one-day program and why only one visitor per member per day?

We must cap the number of visitors at one per member per convention day to minimize workload on our volunteer staff, and to avoid potential abuse of the program.

My married friend would like to bring their spouse, how will this program accommodate them?

The simple solution is to ask another PGI member to sponsor your friend's husband, or conversely, if your own spouse is a PGI member and registered for convention, he or she can sponsor your friend's husband as a Preview Member, provided all the program conditions are met.

I realize it was $270 before, but $75 is more than I can afford. Can't you offer us a better deal?

There are some administrative costs that PGI incurs to administer this program. This new approach to visitors allows a PGI member to bring a visitor for a day, and helps raise money for the PGI. The $75 fee is a real value as compared to full cost of membership and registration.

Can a Preview Member stay at my campsite during Convention?

No, this is only a single day program. No overnight privileges apply.

Can a Preview Member stay overnight with me and my family?

This is a one day program. If you wish to have your guest stay at your campground, and/or attend convention they must join and register for the full convention like other members.

Can a Preview Member attend classes/seminars with me?

Preview Members may attend classes or seminars if (walk-in) space is available and applicable fees are paid when accompanied by the sponsor member. Sponsor members may not pre-register Preview members for any classes or seminars.

Does the PGI offer VIP passes to former members that intend to rejoin in the future?

The PGI does not offer VIP passes. If you wish to sponsor a former PGI member that has not renewed their membership for four or more years, you can sponsor them through the Preview Member program, understanding that they will be subject to all of the restrictions of the program.

Can the Preview Member apply the $75 towards next year's membership?

The fee covers just the one time visitor pass however, we intend to invite all our visitors to join the PGI. If the visitor joins during their Preview Membership day and wants to join and register so they can attend the rest of the 2016 Convention, the $75 will be credited toward Convention fees for the remainder of the 2016 Convention.

I'd like to bring someone on Sat, Sun or Fri? That's the only time they are off.

At the start and close of Convention, the registration system is often overwhelmed and unable to accommodate the additional workload. You can however purchase a ticket to the display and sit with your friend in the public seating area. That happens quite frequently.

I'm a current member, can I register myself as a Preview Member?

The pilot program is designed to accommodate only non-members as Preview Members.

Where can I get a Preview Membership registration form?

Right here.

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