2016 Convention - Seminars


A wide variety of seminars and workshops that appeal to all members of the Guild and their families will be presented during Convention. Content can range from lectures to hands-on construction, from simple to complex, from children's party favors to advanced multi-break shell construction.

The PGI endeavors to channel the creative energies of talented people into the design, production and display of high quality pyrotechnics. We accomplish this by showing examples of members work through competition, member-made display shells, the All-Stars and offering members the opportunity to share their knowledge through seminars.

An early version of the Schedule of Events and information about pre-registration will be published in the July Bulletin. The current Schedule will also appear in the Convention Program. The latest revision will always be available here and update will be posted as things change throughout Convention. Notice of changes to the Schedule will be shared via e-mail, Facebook and Twitter.

Most seminars and workshops are show up and enjoy there is need to register. Be sure to arrive early as seating is first come, first served. Early registration will be available for some seminars and workshops that have a fee and/or limited class size. No more than 1/2 of the available spots are available for pre-registration. All remaining seats will be filled during on-site registration on the 1st Saturday and Sunday of Convention. Don't feel you're missing out if a few workshops fill up, most are not limited in size and are FREE.

Pre-registration will open at 6:00 PM CDT, Friday July 22nd and run until midnight, Wednesday, July 27th. Check the Schedule to see which seminars allow pre-registration. Want to pre-register? E-mail with the name of each attendee and which seminar they wish to attend, please include a contact number. If you're pre-registered, you must come to seminar registration confirm your registration and pay your fees. (Cash only and exact change, please).

Anyone planning to take the PGI DOC (Display Operators Course) is HIGHLY encouraged to pre-register, all pre-registrations will be honored (exception to the rule). You'll need to visit seminar registration, pay your fee, get the workbook and read it before the class on Wednesday.


Applications are being accepted from presenters for seminars and workshops to be held at the 2016 Convention. Due to publication deadlines, applications must be received and approved prior to June 10th to be included in the July Bulletin.

Seminars are presentations given in a lecture type environment with chairs for the audience and a table and chairs for the lecturer, typically with a projector (bring your own computer) and screen, microphone and speakers. Upon request, a whiteboard or easel can be provided. Workshops place the audience at tables with chairs participating in making something, usually involving live material. Again, a projector and screen, microphone and speakers, etc. are provided.

If you'd like to present at Convention, please submit a Seminar Application. Be sure to clearly identify any live material you will use and how much time you need for your presentation and discussion, as well as any time you need for setup and clean-up. All seminar applications will be reviewed by and must be approved by the Safety Team.

Seminar Mini Girondola Seminar Junior Pyro Rocket Seminar Edible Cake Mine Seminar
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