2016 Convention - Manufacturing

August is just around the corner and plans for the 2016 Convention are shaping up nicely. We just returned from the Spring Planning Meeting in La Porte and are pleased to report that our manufacturing site will again be located in the Sheep Barn. The permanent stalls that were in the rear of the barn have been removed, so there should be enough space to get everyone under the same roof. Stalls in the adjacent barn will be used for special projects.

There is no Manufacturing fee this year, but we will continue to utilize pre-registration and assignment of stations based on activities performed. You can begin registering on May 15th. Keep in mind that we have only 50 stations, so please plan to register in advance. La Porte is a well-attended Convention, and we anticipate spaces will be full prior to August 1st. You'll need to provide at least two choices for a volunteer shift. We need everyone's participation to keep manufacturing open twelve hours each day!

Last year, Manufacturing T-shirts were available for the first time. These shirts were ordered based on interest expressed by the manufacturers. If you plan to be in Manufacturing this year and are interested in a T-shirt, please email with the number and size of T-shirts you will need. Cost and availability is based solely on the responses we receive.

We strive to maintain the level of safety and organization that you have come to expect in Manufacturing. Dianne Hauschild and Gregg Lane will be Manufacturing Co-Chairs and your primary points of contact once you arrive in Manufacturing.

Some things to remember about PGI Manufacturing:

  • There is a limit of 50 manufacturing stations.
  • Stations will be assigned based on a first come, first served basis.
  • Presses will be assigned to perimeter spaces only.
  • Each station is required to provide a volunteer for at least one 4 hour shift in Manufacturing. Preferences should be noted on the Manufacturing registration form. Every effort will be made to accommodate day/time requests.
  • Manufacturers may drop off equipment on Friday and receive station assignments.
  • Manufacturing activities begin Saturday at 8am.
  • Manufacturing is "open" from 8am until 8pm Saturday through Friday and "closed" during the banquet.
  • All items must be moved from the Manufacturing day box to the magazine by 8pm each evening. Any items left in the day box after 8pm will be removed for destruction.
  • Manufacturers must clean up their station before leaving. This includes disassembling the table, stacking table materials in the designated area, sweeping, and returning station paperwork.
Looking forward to seeing you in La Porte!

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