2015 Convention - Gerry Gits Challenge - Crossette

In the past the Gerry Gits challenge was often defined in a sentence or two. To widen the window of creativity and to make the challenge attemptable by many more participants, the challenge title was reduced to one or two words. The 2015 Gerry Gits challenge is "Crossette".

Several pyro sources have defined the crossette as follows: "Crossette is an effect characterized by a star expelled from a shell or mortar which quickly shoots outward or upward and then bursts evenly into four (4) directions, thus the name Crossette. When multiple crossette stars are burst from a shell simultaneously the result is a mass of criss-crossing grid-like trails."

Please note that the above is the classical definition and any variation is welcome including alternate burst fragment numbers creating a cross as defined in other cultures. Let your imagination, skill, and artistic creativity run away with this one.

The challenge is for everyone to enter, from 8 to 98 and beyond. Since no Grand Master points are offered, the only restrictions are those imposed by the Safety Team. Please try your hand for the trophy and $100 cash prize by entering any pyro from a single device to a show.

What is a Crossette?

'Crossette is an effect characterized by a "star" which quickly shoots outward in four directions from the initial comet. When multiple crossette shells are fired simultaneously, the result is a mass of criss-crossing trails, hence the name. Each specialized star in a crossette shell contains a small shot hole that effectively divides the star into four sides. The shot hole is packed with an explosive powder. When the charge ignites, the star splits into four segments that propel outward. Once limited to silver or gold effects, colored crossettes such as red, green, or white are now very common.'

Crossette. (n.). In Wikipedia. Retrieved September 22, 2014, from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fireworks#Crossette

The PGI competition team lost a very special member on Christmas Eve, 2007 with the passing of Chief Judge Gerry Gits. To honor Gerry's manifold contributions to the PGI competitions over the years as competitor, judge, and most recently chief judge, the judges have decided to rename the Judges Challenge competition as the Gerry Gits Challenge, and the prize to be the Gerry Gits Memorial Trophy.

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