2014 Convention - Gerry Gits Challenge

Produce a pyrotechnic device or set of devices, based upon this year's challenge, titled, "Deep Purple".

This challenge is for everyone to enter, from 8 to 98 and beyond. Since no Grand Master points are offered, the only restrictions are those imposed by the Safety Team. Please try your hand for the trophy and $100 cash prize by entering any pyro from a single device to a show.

What does "Deep Purple" mean?

The Encyclopedic Dictionary of Pyrotechnics(and Related Subjects) by Kosanke, Sturman, Winokur et al comments on the purple flame:

There is no single flame color agent useful in producing purple flames; however, purple flames can be produced using compositions that produce a combination of non-purple flame emitters. For example, a combination of both strontium monochloride (red emitter, dominant wavelength 636 nm and 100% color purity) and copper monochloride (blue emitter, dominant wavelength 465 nm and 92% color purity) can be used to produce emissions perceived as purple. In addition, by varying the ratio of these red and blue emitters (accomplished by varying the ratios of the two flame color agents used to produce them) any of a wide range of flame colors, from violet blue to purplish red, can be produced." Italics that of Dr. Tilford

In justice to all competitors, young and old, and because of the inconsistent nature of color perception by the eyes of the viewer, DEEP PURPLE can be created within a range of color from violet blue to a purplish red. The pyrotechnic device can be anything from a smoke producer to a flame, to sparks, and from one device to a sky full of fireworks!

Notes from the judges: Any shade of purple, or combination can be used. How about purple smoke? How about our favorite purple dinosaur, Barney, as a theme? Prince's "Purple Rain"? Multi-break or petaled shells in gradient deep to light purple? Can a purple strobe be made? How about making a class C cake that displays purple rain? What about a purple sparkler or torch? Anyone seen purple snakes? The possibilities are endless!

Dr. Arthur R. Tilford
Chief Judge

The PGI competition team lost a very special member on Christmas Eve, 2007 with the passing of Chief Judge Gerry Gits. To honor Gerry's manifold contributions to the PGI competitions over the years as competitor, judge, and most recently chief judge, the judges have decided to rename the Judges Challenge competition as the Gerry Gits Challenge, and the prize to be the Gerry Gits Memorial Trophy.

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