PGI 2012 Convention - Public Display Information

PGI 2011 Display by Joe Tomko
Photo by Joe Tomko

With four nights of displays, each night promises to be a unique program of true pyrotechnic artistry. "Fire in the Sky" promises to be the largest series of displays ever presented by the PGI. Fireworks will be presented in the air and at ground level. Grandstand seating is the best way to enjoy the show.

The gate open at 6pm each night and the show's will start at 9pm. Be sure to get your tickets early to ensure you won't miss the shows.

August 12 - Sunday

Sunday is the Grand Opening Display. We will be ready to impress La Porte County with Fire In the Sky's opening night. The National Anthem, produced by Heartland Pyrotechnic Arts Association, Indiana's hometown team, leads the night's lineup. The second display will be presented by The Chicago Lights, an unofficial club from the Chicagoland area, led by show designer Peter Rogoz a Chicago native. The Chicago Lights are proud to present "My Kind of Town", a tribute to all things Chicago. The evening wraps up with the marquee display named, Tapestry of Dreams, presented by Fireworks Extravaganza's very own award winning, John Sagaria.

August 14 - Tuesday

Tuesday will treat you to three fabulous displays. Leading the evening is Advanced FWX and their return to the stage. These folks hail from Kentucky, and bring a memorable display to us this year. The second display is a unique hand fired show from F&F Fireworks, based in Niles, Michigan. The evening's lineup will close out when Vince Hudkins combines the efforts of 5 different clubs from four states, to present The Battle of the Bands, a show you won't want to miss.

Following the evening displays, Extreme Pyro of Texas will present a fantastic product display. We'll round out the evening with competition. Competitor's from around the country and possibly the globe will show you their best, something you won't see anywhere else.

August 15 - Wednesday

Wednesday brings us a line up of three more shows. We'll start off with Junior Pyro Association's (JPA) display. The JPA comprised of our youngest members, will show you they can wow a crowd. Next, Dominator Fireworks presents a combination Class C (Consumer) and Class B (Professional) fireworks. Dominator will be presenting some new and creative effects. The third and final display is from Mad Bomber Fireworks of the Tri State Area. Our convention host, Tim Walczak, is one of Mad Bomber's lead shooters.

After the shows, we'll once again transition into competition mode with more unique rockets and shells. Stick around and maybe you'll see what one of our Grand Masters can do.

August 17 - Friday

Friday night we'll marshal our collective talents within the Guild and leave La Porte breathless, with our Grand Public Display. This will be a night of seriously intense fireworks. Get your tickets early, Friday night always sells out, it's tradition!

The evening begins with paying tribute to our members that have departed since the last Convention. Next up is the National Anthem presented in cooperation with Bluegrass Pyrotechnic Guild (BPG). Ever see one million firecrackers in a single string? We do it ever year in out Super String. We'll follow up with the Mega String

Next the All Stars will present "A Tribute to Don and Nadine Rowe" set to original music using shells that will be assembled on site during the convention. This tribute recognizes the Rowe's, a dedicated and loving couple who made significant contributions to the Guild. Lastly the Grand Public Display will be presented by Ace Pyro of Michigan. This display has been 3 years in the making and promises to be the largest display in the company's history.

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